Volunteer Hours Tally

Policy for Counting Volunteer Hours (Amended March 2006)

The following policy details which activities can be included in your volunteer campaign hours:
  1. All non-paid campaign activities benefiting our Republican Party, candidates, and/or the Federation. 
  2. Campaign work done at home, i.e. mailings, preparing campaign posters, phone calls, etc. 
  3. Work at and/or for a special campaign event. However this cannot be counted if you attend as a paid guest OR if you are compensated for the event. 
  4. Attendance at (and travel portal to portal) State or National Federation Board of Directors Meetings and Conventions – as well as time spent in preparation for Federation Meetings if you serve on a committee. 
  5. Time in session at (and travel portal to portal) precinct/ward, county, district, or state Party conventions for delegates and alternates only. 
  6. Time in session at (and travel portal to portal) RNC conventions for delegates and alternates only. 
  7. Time spent as a county, state, or national party committee member or as a temporary member, i.e. Rules Committee, Resolutions Committee, etc. 
  8. Campaign work at club meetings, i.e. getting petitions signed, doing mailings, etc. DO NOT COUNT TIME SPENT IN REGULAR BUSINESS AT CLUB MEETINGS. 
  9. Traveling from event to event – but NOT for personal stops en route. 
  10. Volunteering at any county, state or Federation headquarters.
  11. Volunteering for a Republican candidate for a non-partisan office, e.g. school board elections.
  12. Working as a poll watcher on Election Day – but NOT if you are paid.
  13. Involvement in a Campaign Management School, i.e. training to be a faculty member, teaching and organizing a campaign school, etc. National Federation of Republican Women – Individual and Unit Campaign Award Form.
  14. Working on Election Day as an Election Judge or Election Clerk – but only if you turn the money you are paid over to your county party or your local NFRW club.
  15. Presenting campaign programs or speeches at local civic organizations.
  16. Appearing on local media for the GOP cause.
  17. Running for office – all time spent campaigning.
  18. Time of Associate/Dual Members (men and women) volunteering for the Federation or individual clubs, or GOP, i.e. working at the HQ of the Party or a candidate, putting up signs, etc.

These hours can only be counted in club tallies and by only one individual club.

NOTE: You can NOT include time for charitable, civic or anything other than volunteer time given as detailed herein. It does NOT include time spent on other programs of NFRW that are not related to working on campaigns. Please check with the Achievement Awards Chairman to see if your charitable, civic and other volunteer time fits within one of the Achievement Awards categories.

Printed tally sheet must be mailed to the address below or delivered to the CCRWC Awards Committee. You can also ask any other CCRWC board member to deliver your printed tally sheet to the Awards Committee. Online submissions will be sent to the CCRWC Awards Committee.

CCRWC Awards Committee
P.O. Box 4476, Marietta GA 30061-4476

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