Outreach Events

Outreach Committee Hosting Events to Include & Inform People from All Parts of Cobb and All Diverse Backgrounds. We Want You to Get Involved!

Hello CCRWC Members,

We are excited to announce that we have created a new Outreach Committee in order to attract, encourage and include women from all over Cobb county and from all different backgrounds and walks of life to learn about the amazing resources our club has to offer. We are so proud that our club is a place to connect and network with people who share similar concerns and goals; a place to become better informed and inspired by attending our luncheons and events and engaging with the guest speakers and local elected officials; and a place where members can learn how to get more involved in their local community in order to achieve positive change.

The Outreach Committee plans to host friendly and personal small gatherings in member’s homes or in nearby business establishments as a way to start a conversation with women in our county who are seeking out ways to restore and preserve their community through more effective Republican leadership and involvement or just want the fellowship of like-minded people. If you are interested in hosting one of these events or in attending one of these events, please contact our committee chair Catherine Floam at outreach@ccrwc.org or 703-282-3544 or our Co-chair Ellie Tillman at 770-630-6577.

And also please know that the club is actively working to connect or reconnect with all of our members and to offer a wider range of events that are convenient to working and non-working members. You are welcome to attend our outreach events (TBA as scheduled) and the other upcoming CCRWC events already on the calendar.


  • All are INCLUDED! All are welcome! We need you and we want you to be a part of our club!
    • From East Cobb – to West Cobb – to South Cobb – to North Cobb
    • From urban settings to rural settings
    • From business women to stay-at-home moms
    • From private schools to public education
    • From all diverse and ethnic backgrounds
  • Your Values & Beliefs & Goals might align more with the Republican party
    • You might think you should be a Democrat because of your race or color, but your values and beliefs and goals all correspond with Conservative Republican principles
    • There are lots of people like you
  • We are a vital Women’s club—we have refreshed and reset our goals for 2021
    • Join us for conversations with like-minded women who want to make a positive difference with our communities and families.
    • We hear your request to engage more people, provide more information, and guide you to take action to produce positive change in your community.
    • We are hosting meetings along with outreach events – daytime and evenings – at various locations throughout Cobb County.
  • We will INFORM you:
    • About the political process and how we can get good Republicans elected
    • About election reform and other legislative initiatives
    • By bringing elected officials and expert speakers to our meetings
  • Think of us as Restoring and Preserving your Community – Not as political work
    • Don’t think of involvement with the CCRWC as political work—You are preserving your community where you, your friends, your children and grandchildren live; where you run a business & make a living; where your kids are educated, you attend church, and you pursue the American dream.
  • Let’s Focus your Energy on Restoring Election Integrity! We can exact change and make a difference!
    • We can help you take action and make a difference in achieving positive change in your community and state
  • The Best Way to make a difference is to Join the CCRWC
    • Get connected and informed by attending our meetings and events
    • Focus on the local, county and state level
    • Learn how to get more involved and get good Republicans elected in Cobb & Georgia

CCRWC and the Teachers Outreach Committee donate School Supplies, Teacher Appreciation Notes and Goodies to Bryant Elementary and Pebblebrook High School!!

Greetings CCRWC Members!

The Cobb County Republican Women’s Club is very excited to announce a new outreach initiative focused on showing our support for our wonderful Cobb County teachers!!


The mission of the Teachers Outreach Initiative is to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of Cobb County public and private school teachers by recognizing and celebrating their achievements.

Teachers are charged with the responsibility to educate, guide, and support our children; and especially during these challenging times they need encouragement for the work they perform.

The Teachers Outreach Committee joins together with school administrators, principals, and teachers to form an ongoing relationship that recognizes the value that teachers provide in shaping our children’s future.

Committee Activities:

Identify and reach out to schools that can benefit most by committee activities; develop relationships with principals to assess the needs of the school.

In collaboration with school administration, host teacher appreciation events (snacks, drinks etc.)

Donate needed school supplies to teachers and students e.g., backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils etc.

Identify teachers and schools for recognition and present awards. E.g., Title One Rewards Schools.

Host outreach events in the home for teachers to meet like-minded women and learn how to preserve our community.

Write encouraging and appreciative letters to teachers when donating supplies or hosting appreciation events.

Donate CCRWC Gift Books to schools in support of the NFRW Mamie Eisenhower Library Project.

Donate copies of the United States Constitution to schools.

Support literacy by developing a group of volunteers to read to elementary students.

Identify additional groups as needed who can contribute to the mission of the committee.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee or want to volunteer to attend a teacher/school recognition event or read to a student, please contact the committee chair Pamela Akin at teachers@ccrwc.org or 404-944-8125.

Upcoming Outreach Events